Photo by C. M. Guerrero / Aerial photography is now used  in all aspects of life either recreational, business or scientific applications, Tuesday, October 3, 2017

EIBO Publishing, a company that offers web design, marketing campaigns, video production, media relations, and the production of digital and printed publications to small, medium, and large businesses, is launching soon a new service related to aerial photography.

“Aerial and video photography has a great potential for many industries, from surveying to real estate,” said Amparo Villa, business development specialist for EIBO.

Many businesses are interested in using aerial photography for diverse purposes and EIBO has the capability, equipment, and qualified staff to cater and deliver to those companies. When you add this component to our other services such as web design, marketing, social media branding, video production, and digital and printed publications, our clients would have another avenue to promote their businesses on a larger scale.

For more information about EIBO Publishing’s aerial photography services, call 305-929-3757.



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