EIBO Publishing has launched a new responsive website to showcase the promotional services the company offers to small, medium, and large business.

“Having a responsive website is crucial in the mobile world because most of the web searches take place nowadays through mobile phones or tablets,” said Otto Rodríguez, business development specialist from EIBO Publishing, a company based in Miami that offers web design, video production, media relations, marketing campaigns, and the production of digital and printed publications, among other promotional services.

“For any type of business, a web presence is a must. When you add too that a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes occasional press releases, e-mail blast, a promotional video and the distribution of digital and printed publications, the chances of increasing your clientele increase exponentially, and you are able to compete”, said Rodriguez.

Many small business owners underestimate the importance of having a responsive website, and they think, wrongly, they don’t need one. But the truth of the matter is that not having a web presence is like being invisible in a highly competitive Miami’s business market, he added. Businesses with a website created with the principles of responsive web design are more prepared to engage with the millions of people already using mobile devices. And most of the time, they rank better in large search engines, such as Google. Their pages also have faster load times, a better browser consistency and more effective navigation features.

Another misconception is that a website, a promotional video or any other marketing effort is expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth; all these promotional services are affordable even to the most basic small companies, Rodriguez said.

For more information about EIBO and the services they offer, call 305-929-3757 or visit www.eibopublishing.com.

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